What to expect

Welcome to the Great Commission Ministry

First of all, we'd like to welcome you to the Great Commission Ministry website.  The Great Commission Ministry is a collection of people from all walks of life following Jesus Christ.  We are passionate about growing closer to God and living out the principles laid out in the Bible.  Whether you’re interested in growing in your faith or are completely new to Christianity, we want to extend to you an invitation to attend one of our services.

What's a Service Like?

If you have any questions on what the Great Commission Ministry services are like then this is the section for you.  This section is a quick guide to help answer some of the questions that you have in mind.  If you are unable to find answers to any of your questions here, please send us an email via the contact form and we will try to answer your question as best we can.

At the TGCM churches, we normally start our services with Praise and Worship. 

Worship is something that we do. We were created to worship the Living God.  As it says in the word of God, "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord" Psalms 150:6.  This prepares our hearts and minds to hear the word of God and to respond to it.  We can worship the Lord as individuals but God places great importance on believers worshipping together. The Great Commission Ministry encourages worship through the dynamic and contemporary worship that brings together different ages and nationalities.  There is something for everyone, both young and old.

Kids Sunday Schools
At the TGCM Churches, our kids attend Sunday School specifically for children.  Biblical lessons are taught to kids in a fun and relevant way to kids.  These lessons are taught by commited and God loving people at the TGCM.  We want our children to know more and get excited about Jesus and get them talking about Him in their families.